Adiantum Fragrans – Maiden Hair Fern


Maidenhair Fern is everything you would want from a beautiful fern. Its perfect for terrariums as it loves high humidity, but will also work well in bathrooms and kitchens.

12 cm diameter plastic pot


Prefers a bright, indirect ligh, can cope in lower shade but may it may loose some of it brightness. Keep out of direct sunlight.


Keep the soil moist at all times, don’t let the soil dry out. The Maidenhair fern needs plenty of humidit, so raise the humidity around the plant by placing it in a pebble tray filled with water. Lack of humidity will cause the leaves to dry out.




*information provided by ANIMAL POSION CONTROL (ASPCA). Although a plant may be listed as non-toxic, it is advisable that any plant ingestion should be avoided where possible as reactions differ for each person or animal



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