Aeschynanthus Rasta


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A wonderful plant  for a hanging planter or trailing over a shelf, its a really resilient grower inside the house,

This twisted Lipstick Plant has densely curled ‘rasta’ leaves that gracefully cascade and will bloom bright red flowers once a year.

15cm plastic hanging pot


During summer months keep your Lipstick Plant in a bright spot away from direct sunlight. In winter months the ‘rasta’ will tolerate some direct sun time which will then encourage it to flower in the spring summer season


Water when the soil is visually dry,  don’t over water. They can tolerate periods of dryness with no harm



*information provided by ANIMAL POSION CONTROL (ASPCA). Although a plant may be listed as non-toxic, it is advisable that any plant ingestion should be avoided where possible as reactions differ for each person or animal 


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