Asplenium Fern ( Lava mounted )


A really funky plant in an unusual setting. Set on Lava and placed in a tray, the asplenium fern looks fantastic and its super easy to look after clinging onto this rock.

The roots are grown around the lava, a porous stone, and the Lava absorbs water from the tray, the plant takes all the water it needs from the stone. You will need to keep the tray quite full of water, dont let it dry out. Any roots that grow downwards toward the tray need trimming so that they don’t take up too much water which will make the plant unhappy and turn yellow.

Every piece of lava rock is unique, and some are already growing some shoots of green algae on the rock, which makes it look super beautiful, but if you wish to remove that you can do so, with a small brush gently.

The plant lava comes securly attached to the tray.


Likes a good amount of light but our of direct sunlight.


Keep the tray topped up with water, and mist regulary as they love humidity




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