Calathea Orbifolia

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Calathea orbifolia is an absolutely stunning and sought after  houseplant mainly dueto the lovely large round leaves, and its air purifying quality. The leaves are striped with pale silver markings. A great addition to your houseplant collection.

12 cm pot


Likes to be kept in plenty of diffused light but out of direct sunlight,


This Calathea likes to be kept in a moist soil at all times, but not sitting in water or a very wet soil. Water little and often. Ensure the plant has reasonable ventilation.

Likes high humidity levels, so stand on a pebble tray  to improve humidity and mist frequently.



*information provided by ANIMAL POSION CONTROL (ASPCA). Although a plant may be listed as non-toxic, it is advisable that any plant ingestion should be avoided where possible as reactions differ for each person or animal 

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