Epipremnum Moss Stick – Devils Ivy


A lovely large leaved climber with heart shaped leaves with a yellow marbled variegation, such an easy plant very easy going and none fussy. Grows quickly hence the common name, Devils Ivy.

NASA has named epipremnum also known as devils ivy as one of the best air-purifying plants so it’s working hard removing pollutants from the air whilst looking beautiful in your home. Thriving in indirect as well as low light this is a great indoor plant thats ideal for beginners.

21cm diamter pot with moss pole

100cm Height


Bright indirect light, but can manage lower light levels too


Average warmth, likes to be keep warm in the winter


Water well in the growing season. Let the compost dry out slightly between waterings. Likes humidity so mist frequently.

If your plant is getting too leggy pinch out the growing tips in spring and it will bush out nicely.

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