Neoregelia Mini Fire Ball – Bromeliad


Grown for its lush green foliage which turns intense shades of red around flowering season, Neoregelia Fireball makes a great low maintenance houseplant.​

Naturally it is an epiphyte happily growing in the bowl of trees and along their branches in the Brazilian rainforest but it can be grown terrestrially if given an open, moist but free draining compost, a great way to bring the jungle inside.

6cm diameter plastic pot

15cm High


Likes lots of bright indirect light in a warm spot


Loves humidity

Fill the center of the rosette on the bromeliad with clean rainwater or distilled water whenever the water begins to disappear. Do not use tap water, which contains chemicals that can damage the plant. Pour water into the top of the planter directly on the soil whenever it is dry.


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