Shell on Earth – Pot Topper


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Small hand tied bag – 3.75g

Use for –

plant pot & terrarium dressing

ground cover for garden boarders and beds

drainage layer to aid run-off

surface mulch to retain moisture

natural, gentle weed and pest control

Shell on earth is a small family business,  The crushed shells come from a whelk processing factory in New Quay, Wales. The locally caught whelks are prepared and shipped to South Korea where they’re eaten in a delicious spicey salad. Making use of the entire humble whels for both stomach and garden.

Recycled crushed, washed and dried whelk shells.

This bag size is ideal for indoor plant pot and terrarium top dressing. Great for cacti, succulents and most houseplants. Alternatively you can mix the shells into soil or compost to increase drainage.

* This is a natural product from the sea and we do our best to remove any foreign material.

* All of the packing is recyclable. The white filler is made from vegetable starch and is compostable


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