Stephania Erecta Bulb

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Stephanie Erecta is one of the highest trending house plants of the last years, and although looks like nothing but a bulb, it explodes with growth in spring sending out climbing vines with an absolutely stunning circular leaf with light green viens in a spoked patternI

Stephanie Erecta is is native to Thailand where it is naturally found sparsly vegetated forrests.

This unusual plant is an absolute must for the plant collector, and rewards you with very little effort.

In order to plant your bulb you will need to add it to a well draining cacti mix soil, and only water from the bottom to avoid over watering.

Size: 8cm, this plant comes as a bulb that needs to be put on top of cactus potting mix


Full sun


Water sparingly, once per month in winter, once every week and half in summer

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